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AIZACC has been importing and exporting its own products mainly to Asian countries for more than 15 years.

We have handled a wide variety of products, but have experience in medical supplies, lumber, sake, and agricultural products.

We started handling frozen goods in 2023, so we can deal in room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen merchandise.

Design distribution channel

Have you ever thought about exporting your products overseas?

AIZACC works with Japanese producers and manufacturers to establish a commercial distribution system and then trade with them.

Exporting from Japan to overseas is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible if you solve problems one by one.

Exporting support

AIZACC Corporation exports mainly Japanese products to overseas markets.

We not only develop overseas sales channels, but also provide consistent support for logistics, settlement, and other services. We also have experience managing stores overseas, so we can help you find local partners and sign contracts with overseas companies.

Because Isaacs is engaged in overseas trading business, we are able to provide assistance up to actual on-site operations.

Background of exports from Japan

Declining Japanese population

The Japanese population continues to decline. It is clear that domestic consumption activities will continue to decline as the population declines.

Asian economic development

Asian countries are more economically developed than Japan, whose population is declining. Of course, there are differences depending on the country, but there are many countries that are remarkably developed.

country export

As a country, Japan is also promoting the export of Japanese agricultural, forestry and fishery products. We are promoting various export subsidies, including prefectures and cities.

Penetration of
Japanese culture

People from many countries and regions now know about Japanese culture and visit Japan as tourists. However, the spread of Japanese products is still not enough. You can also make people overseas happy with your products.

Overseas Support for Japanese companies

Product export support
It is impossible to avoid walking through complicated processes when exporting overseas. However, we will discuss such problems with you from the very beginning.
Advancement support
We offer overseas business proposals tailored to various needs, and also provide support to resolve concerns and worries about overseas business.
We will conduct market research, advertising, test sales, and other marketing activities to find out how Japanese products can be popularized in overseas markets.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Overseas market research

Products exported overseas must meet the needs of the local market. For this purpose, we first conduct market research on the product. This will allow you to choose the appropriate method of entry.

to overseas companies Proposal agency

Propose products to actual overseas companies. We will organize the issues and problems that can be seen by actually conducting business negotiations one by one.

for export Task analysis

We will resolve any issues or problems that we find. There are various problems such as price, import regulations, and logistics, but if you carefully clear the problems, you will be able to make a deal.

Overseas advertising operation

It is not uncommon for exports to create new products for overseas markets. We also operate labels and advertisements for the purpose of expanding exports to overseas.

Export practice support

We will support the necessary operations when actually exporting. Don't worry if you are exporting for the first time.