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Japan to the World

〜Create a guidepost for successful business with overseas〜

Maps and manuals to achieve great success in overseas business are not easy to come by.

We Japanese are foreigners when we go out into the world, and Japanese common sense may be a little different from that of the rest of the world.

That is why we believe that the starting line is to accept and understand the other person’s culture.

We struggle and suffer, ponder, use our wisdom, and execute.

We believe that connecting the good essence of Japan to the rest of the world and creating pathways are the value and significance of our existence in society.

Our service

About service

Import business
Import of medical products from Asia
Export business
Exporting Japanese Agricultural Products to Foreign Countries
Overseas expansion support business
We, as a trading company, solve various problems that arise when exporting from Japan.
Commercial flow + Logistics formation
Forming commercial distribution + logistics for export in cooperation with domestic manufacturers and producers, and exporting products.


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